Bri & Chris

On November 5, 2016, Briana Altergott and Christopher Koeneman became husband and wife in historic Charleston, South Carolina.  On that day, I welcomed my new sister into the family. She's made that a breeze.

My brother and now sister-in-law honored me in letting me take their engagement photos this past fall. (It was the least I could do after foregoing the chance to do their proposal pictures to attend a fantasy football draft, but I digress.) We decided to shoot around their alma mater, Mizzou, and our hometown, Chester, IL. Having never shot engagement photos, I wasn't really sure what to expect. It was certainly a learning experience, but more importantly, it was a great time for the three of us to bond. I imagine I'll take many more photographs over the coming years, but none will be more meaningful than these. Cheers.

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